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Legal aid is a system of providing free or inexpensive advice,
assistance, or representation for those who cannot afford to pay for
the services of professional lawyers mainly because of a difficult
financial situation. The provisions of legal aid to the poor are based on
humanitarian considerations and the main aim of these provisions is
to help the poverty-stricken people who are socially and economically
backward. It can be said that the spiritual essence of the scheme
consists in investing law with a human heart to ensure immanence of
social justice in the juridical order on the substantive and the procedural
planes of law. In this article the author clearly presents the notion of
legal aid, its relevance, institutions rendering legal aid services in
Nepal and examines the Nepalese scenario, legal provisions, policies,
practices as well as the problems of legal aid in Nepal.
Keywords: Access, court, equality, justice, lawyer, legal Service

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